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Faberge St - $1,600.00

Faberge St Basil's Cathedral Musical Egg Limoges Peint Main Ode To Joy

Franklin Mint - $299.00

Franklin Mint House Of Faberge Musical Carousel Egg 24k Gold Accented

Russian Imperial - $139.00

Russian Imperial Faberge Musical Easter Egg Tree And6 Egg Pendants Plays Fur Elise

Russian Empress - $139.00

Russian Empress Alexandra Faberge Musical Egg Tree With 6 Egg Pendants Fur Elise

Musical Piano - $119.00

Musical Piano Nutcracker Waltz Of The Flowers And Faberge Golden Egg Necklace

Black Musical - $99.00

Black Musical Egg Trinket Box By Keren Kopal Faberge Egg Austrian Crystal

Keren Kopal - $88.00

Keren Kopal Bejeweled Purple Faberge Egg Musical Horse Carousel 6h X 2.5d

Keren Kopal - $88.00

Keren Kopal Dark Purple Faberge Egg Musical Horse Carousel 5 X2.6 X 2.6

Musical Jewelry - $80.00

Musical Jewelry Box Faberge Egg Style By San Francisco Music Box Company

Homecraft Faberge - $35.00

Homecraft Faberge Musical Egg- Hummels

Franklin Mint - $130.00

Franklin Mint House Of Faberge Carousel Horse Musical Egg Lot Of 2

Franklin Mint - $59.00

Franklin Mint Tfm Musical Carousel Horse Music Box Faberge Moon Egg