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Otagiri Sound - $36.99

Otagiri Sound Of Music Pair Of Birds Figurine Music Box Mint Condition

Angels Cherubs - $35.00

Angels Cherubs Figurine Music Box Sound Activated On Off Switch Love Me Tender

Christmas Nativity - $22.95

Christmas Nativity Figurine Manger Scene W Music Lights Sound Activated 

Traditional Sound - $21.99

Traditional Sound Music Instrument Khartal Brass Figurine Metal Art Work 4291

Khartal Brass - $19.99

Khartal Brass Figurine Traditional Sound Music Instrument Metal Art Work In 4338

Policeman Helping - $9.59

Policeman Helping Little Boy Porcelain Music Box Figurine Gift Of Sound Ex+++

Hallmark Keepsake - $10.50

Hallmark Keepsake 4.5 Music And Sound Dr Franklestin Figurine Ornament

Hallmark Keepsake - $10.50

Hallmark Keepsake 4 Music And Sound Love Shack House Figurine Ornament

Vintage Porcelain - $10.00

Vintage Porcelain Girl With Rabbits Figurine Music Box, Plays Sound Of Music

Frog Figurine - $6.99

Frog Figurine Wood Toy Tadpole Miniature Statue Croaking Sound Music Instrument

1979 Pegasus - $95.00

1979 Pegasus Unicorn Music Box Sound Of Music Horse Statue Figurine Sculpture

Mice Figurine - $24.99

Mice Figurine Musical Animated Plays My Favorite Things From Sound Of Music

Christmas Nativity - $24.95

Christmas Nativity Figurine Manger Scene W Music Lights Sound Activated As Is

Hallmark Peanuts - $22.45

Hallmark Peanuts Charlie Brown Not Now I'm Dancing Figurine Music Sound Bnib

Schmid 334 - $13.99

Schmid 334 Clown Girl Porcelain Figurine Music Box Signed Sound Of Music Chip

Vtg Artmark - $5.99

Vtg Artmark Musical Figurine Boy With Guitar And Bird Sound Of Music 6 34 Japan