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Pair Antique - $2,418.02

Pair Antique Style Oriental Carved Wood Buddha Temple Lantern Display Stands

Buddha Original - $2,410.00

Buddha Original By Poonam

Antique Burmese - $2,429.99

Antique Burmese Shan States Marble Statue Of Buddha, Myanmar, 19th C.

Chinese Exquisite - $2,400.00

Chinese Exquisite Handmade Buddha Eight Treasures Pattern Porcelain Vase

Vtg Bronze - $2,400.00

Vtg Bronze Buddha Trinity Statue In A 40 Tall Brass Canopy Asian Table Lamp

19th Century, - $2,400.00

19th Century, Antique Laos Wooden Standing Buddha

Thai Buddhist - $1,999.00

Thai Buddhist Complete Set Electric Incense Joss Stick Golden Drag Buddha Altar

Chinese Distressed - $2,280.00

Chinese Distressed Gray Stone Sitting Cross Leg Lotus Base Buddha Statue Cs4243

41 Chinese - $2,380.00

41 Chinese Bronze Gilt Antique 1000 Arm Avalokiteshvara Buddha Statue

Chinese Distressed - $2,280.00

Chinese Distressed Brown Gray Stone Sitting Meditation Buddha Statue Cs3230

Chinese Large - $2,250.00

Chinese Large 23” Old Stone “ Grotto Buddha “. , Private Family Garden

18th Century, - $2,400.00

18th Century, Antique Tai Yai Burmese Wooden Seated Crowned Buddha

Very Nice - $2,200.00

Very Nice Authentic 3-4th Century A.d. Gandhara Stucco Gautama Buddha Head

Chinese Exquisite - $2,399.99

Chinese Exquisite Handmade Buddha Eight Treasures Pattern Porcelain Vase

Chinese - $2,399.00

Chinese Soapstone Carved Statue Nine Buddha Mountain Shoushan Shou Shan

China Antiques - $2,389.00

China Antiques Dehua Ware Porcelain Kuanyin Buddha On Elephant

20 Very - $2,150.00

20 Very Old Antique Sakyamuni Lord Buddha Stone Statue

Gold Face - $2,275.00

Gold Face Painted Fine Quality 19 Chenrezig Buddha Copper Gold Gilded Statue

Super China - $2,398.00

Super China Antiques Dehua Ware Porcelain Tibetan Buddha

Antique 19th - $2,290.42

Antique 19th Century Se Asia Laos Enthroned Meditation Buddha Statue - 109cm44

Antique Ayutthaya - $2,159.99

Antique Ayutthaya Period Stucco Buddha Head, 14-16th C. Museum Quality

Buddha China - $2,399.00

Buddha China Mongolia Zanabazar Type 1700 18 Cen Gilt Bronze Gold Figure Statue

Amitabha Buddha - $2,404.77

Amitabha Buddha Figure Bronze Buddah Statue China Sculpture Tibet Asian Buddha

17th Century, - $2,400.00

17th Century, Shan, Antique Burmese Bronze Seated Buddha

Isumu S-class - $2,439.00

Isumu S-class Asura Buddha Statue

11 Tibet - $2,438.00

11 Tibet Temple Buddhism Copper Gild Sakyamuni Shakyamuni Amitayus Buddha Statue

Tibet Old - $2,438.00

Tibet Old Fane Buddhism 100 Pure Bronze 24k Gold Gild Amitabha Sakyamuni Buddha

Tibet Buddhism - $2,438.00

Tibet Buddhism Bronze Copper Gold Gilt Vajrapā Vajrapani Mahakala Buddha Statue

Tibet Temple - $2,438.00

Tibet Temple Pure Bronze 24k Gold Kwan-yin Bodhisattva Guan Yin Buddha Statue

28 Tibet - $2,438.00

28 Tibet Buddhism Copper Bronze Seat Shakyamuni Sakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Statue

12100 Natural - $2,436.00

12100 Natural Green Jade Buddha Hand Magpie Bird Gourd Auspicious Wishful Ruyi

Nepal Bronze - $2,436.00

Nepal Bronze Filigree Gold Gilt Gem 8 Auspicious Symbol Sakyamuni Buddha Statue

Top Natural - $2,436.00

Top Natural Emerald Jadeite Fruit Peach Buddha Hand Pomegranate Ruyi Leaf Basket

20 Tibet - $2,435.13

20 Tibet Cloisonne Purple Bronze Sakyamuni Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Statue

Pure Bronze - $2,435.13

Pure Bronze 24k Gilt Gold Shakyamuni Sakyamuni Amitabha Tathagata Buddha Statue

Marked - $2,432.19

Marked Chinese Bronze Gold Gilt Amitayus Longevity God Goddess Buddha Statue

23 Bronze - $2,431.00

23 Bronze Gild Sculpture China Carved Buddhism Copper Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

China Taoist - $2,430.00

China Taoist Pure Bronze High Lord Laojun Buddha 3 God Dragon Ruyi Fan Statue

Isumu Standard - $2,429.10

Isumu Standard Senju-kannon Thousand Armed Avalokiteshwara Buddha Statue

Large Burma - $2,399.00

Large Burma Buddha 17th C. Myanmar Maravijaya Shan

China Dushan - $2,424.24

China Dushan Jade Stone Carve Kwan-yin Guanyin Buddha Statue Ride On Dragon Fish

Large Size - $2,423.49

Large Size Antique Bodhisattva Blessing Buddha Home Garden Décor For Sale 3 Feet

Old Tibet - $2,420.00

Old Tibet Buddhism Bronze Cloisonne Gilt Vase Kwan-yin Guan Yin Buddha Statue A

25huge Old - $2,420.00

25huge Old Tibet Temple Bronze Gilt Sakyamuni Tathagata Buddha Statue Sculpture

Qing Dynasty - $2,400.00

Qing Dynasty Chinese Wood Carved Guilt Figure Of A Buddha Head

Tibet Buddhism - $2,420.00

Tibet Buddhism Temple Copper Bronze Cloisonne Gild Sakyamuni Buddha Statue Set

9 Tibetan - $2,420.00

9 Tibetan Temple Fane Pure Bronze 24k Gold Yamantaka Mahakala Buddha Statue

17'' Dehua - $2,420.00

17'' Dehua Ceramic Porcelain Gold Drawing Buddha Guanyin Manjusri Samantabhadra

Psl Khakkhara - $2,290.00

Psl Khakkhara Ksitigarbha Handmade Statue Buddha Jizo

Old Tibet - $2,420.00

Old Tibet Buddhism Bronze Gilt 4 Arm Tara Kwan-yin Guanyin Buddha Goddess Statue

Chinese 100 - $2,420.00

Chinese 100 Pure Purple Copper Seat Kwan-yin Guanyin Bodhisattva Buddha Statue

19th Century, - $2,200.00

19th Century, Mandalay, Antique Burmese Wooden Standing Buddha

42'' Machilus - $2,418.00

42'' Machilus Wood Carvings Folk Home Fengshui Buddha Bodhidharma Statue

Tibet Buddhism - $2,418.00

Tibet Buddhism Bronze Three Saints Of The West Kwan-yin Guan Yin Buddha Statue

Chinese Dehua - $2,264.90

Chinese Dehua Figure Of Joyful Expression Buddha Maitreya Signed Heigh 26cm 3.3k

11 China - $2,412.00

11 China Temple Buddhism Copper Gild Sakyamuni Shakyamuni Amitayus Buddha Statue

23 Tibet - $2,411.50

23 Tibet Classical Copper Bronze Three Sakyamuni Tathagata Buddha Statue Set

39huge Folk - $2,410.40

39huge Folk Buddhism Old Bronze Gild Sit Thailand Sakyamuni Buddha Statue

Chinese Bronze - $2,410.40

Chinese Bronze Dragon Warrior Guan Gong Guanyu Hold Broadsword Buddha God Statue

Tibet Buddhism - $2,410.40

Tibet Buddhism 100 Pure Copper Bronze Gild Tathagata Sakyamuni Buddha Statue

Tibet Buddhism - $2,410.00

Tibet Buddhism Classic Bronze Gild Cloisonne Tathagata Sakyamuni Buddha Statuary

Tibet Buddhism - $2,410.00

Tibet Buddhism Crystal Handwork Inlay Gem Carbuncle Beryl Buddha Conch Of Fame

18 Natural - $2,408.00

18 Natural Jasper Green Jade Western Shakyamuni Kwan-yin God Buddha Set Statue

17old Tibet - $2,408.00

17old Tibet Bronze Gilt Ebony Wood 4 Arms Chenrezig Buddha Fokan Thangka Tangka

85cm Huge - $2,408.00

85cm Huge Tibet Buddhism Bronze Gilt Tsongkhapa Je Tsongkhapa Buddha Statue

16 Old - $2,408.00

16 Old China Cloisonne Enamel Gilt Shakyamuni Sakyamuni Tathagata Buddha Statue

17 China - $2,408.00

17 China Natural Jade Lotus Leaf Flower Fish Goldfish Arhat Damo Buddha Statue

16 Old - $2,408.00

16 Old Bronze Turquoise Coral Painting Tree Shakyamuni Sakyamuni Buddha Statue

Tibet Buddhism - $2,403.00

Tibet Buddhism Pure Red Bronze Amitabha Sakyamuni Tathagata Buddha Statue

11tibet Fane - $2,403.00

11tibet Fane Rare Rock Stone Carved Black Jambhala Tantric Buddha Statue

100 Copper - $2,401.20

100 Copper Bronze 24k Gild Tibet Buddhism Classical Vajravarahi Buddha Statue

3 Inch - $2,401.00

3 Inch Huge Laughing Buddha Pendant 6 Carat Black And White Diamonds 10k Gold

Bodhidharma Buddha - $2,400.30

Bodhidharma Buddha Statue India Golden Stars Lobular Rosewood Red Sandalwood133

9x Ancient - $2,400.00

9x Ancient Bead Phoenician Glass, Buddha Head, Jasper Amazonite Double Face

【koojade】emerald Lavender - $2,400.00

【koojade】emerald Lavender With Green Buddha Jadeite Jade Pendant《grade A》

10 Tibet - $2,400.00

10 Tibet Copper Bronze Gild Lama Buddhism Tsong-kha-pa Tsongkhapa Buddha Statue

Mariko Swisher, - $2,400.00

Mariko Swisher, Contemporary Ceramic Artist, Sculpted Cat Buddha Zushi Shrine

12tibet Bronze - $2,400.00

12tibet Bronze 24k Gold 1000 Arms Kwan-yin Guanyin Avalokitesvara Buddha Statue

32tibet Buddhism - $2,400.00

32tibet Buddhism Bronze Dragon Phoenix Deer Sakyamuni Tathagata Buddha Statue

28'' Chinese - $2,400.00

28'' Chinese Bronze Buddhism Monastery Shakyamuni Guanyin 3 Buddha Statue Set S

19th Century - $2,400.00

19th Century Mandalay Teak Double Buddha Buddhist Temple Relic Ornament 37

12 Tibet - $2,400.00

12 Tibet Bronze 24k Gold 8 Treasure Sakyamuni Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Statue

10 Tibet - $2,400.00

10 Tibet Buddhism Temple Old Bronze 24k Gold Vajrapani Mahakala Buddha Statue

12 Tibet - $2,400.00

12 Tibet Buddhism Temple Bronze 24k Gold Seat Horse Vajrapani Buddha Statue

13 Old - $2,400.00

13 Old Tibet Buddhism Temple Bronze 24k Gold Seat Lotus Amitayus Buddha Statue

12tibet Buddhism - $2,400.00

12tibet Buddhism Temple Bronze 24k Gold 4arms Archery Buddha Kwan-yin Statue

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