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Raymond Yazzie, - $32,470.00

Raymond Yazzie, Lone Mountain Turquoise Bolo, A Legend

Verified Shirley - $25,000.00

Verified Shirley Temple Sterling Silver Compact. And Bolo Tie

Best Navajo - $22,880.00

Best Navajo Bolo Wes Willie Signed 14k, 18k, Lander Blue Turquoise, Museum Piece

Thomas Singer - $21,480.00

Thomas Singer - Immaculate Early Vintage Navajo Sterling Silver Bolo

Jicarilla Apache - $12,320.00

Jicarilla Apache Navajo Bolo Buckle Bracelet Estate Gibson Nez Museum Book Piece

18kt Sailor's - $12,000.00

18kt Sailor's Knot Enameled Weave Necklace Long Bolo Tassel Deco 132 Grams

Philbert Beyuka, - $11,455.00

Philbert Beyuka, Arizona Highways Inspired Bolo Set

Darryl Dean - $10,870.00

Darryl Dean Begay, Bolo, 14k Gold, Bisbee Turquoise, Warrior, Navajo Made, 42 In

Robert And - $8,500.00

Robert And Bernice Leekya, 14k Gold With Kingman Turquoise Bolo Rbl Zuni

Hopi Sterling - $8,000.00

Hopi Sterling Silver Kachinas Emerging Bolo Tie By Michael Kabotie

Wes Willie - $7,950.00

Wes Willie Number Eight Spiderweb Turquoise Inlay Bolo Tie

Alien Bolo - $7,350.00

Alien Bolo Tie Native American Sandcast With Inlay Stones Wow One Of A Kind.

Very Large - $7,000.00

Very Large 1950s Sadie Calvin Silver And Turquoise Bolo

Custom 25,000 - $6,950.00

Custom 25,000 Bull 7ct Vs G Diamond Buffalo 18k Gold Bolo Tie Necklace 93g

Jake Livingston, - $6,910.00

Jake Livingston, Bolo Tie, 14k Gold, Sterling Silver, Eagle, Inlay, Handmade, 44

Carlo Viani - $6,500.80

Carlo Viani Levian 14k Rose Gold Ombre Champagne Diamond Bolo Chain Bracelet

Vintage Navajo - $6,500.00

Vintage Navajo Native American Tommy Singer Large Kokopelli Bolo Tie Sterling

Watson Honanie - $5,995.00

Watson Honanie Solid 14k Gold Bear Clan Bolo Tie

Navajo E. - $5,000.00

Navajo E. Piaso 14k Gold Sterling Silver Lion Bolo Faux Bear Claws 35 Years Old

East Indian - $5,000.00

East Indian Company Old Coin 1717 Such Bolo Such Tolo - Rare

Navajo Michael - $4,650.00

Navajo Michael Perry Candelaria Turquoise Red Mediterranean Coral Inlay Bolo Tie

Vintage Red - $4,459.00

Vintage Red Coral Knifewing Inlay Bolo Buckle Bracelet Zuni Harlan Coonsis C80s

Na Na - $4,350.00

Na Na Ping Michael Garcia 14k Gold Bolo Tie W Cody Stone..stunning..impressive

Bolo Tie - $4,299.99

Bolo Tie Carved Turquoise Vintage Sterling Signed G

Collectible Vintage - $3,999.00

Collectible Vintage Zuni Sterling Silver Bolo Tie Watch Old Pawn Elb Huge Sale

One Of - $3,959.00

One Of A Kind Thomas Tommy Singer Overlay Bolobraceletbuckle Presentation Box

Excellent 18k - $3,850.00

Excellent 18k Solid Yellow Gold And High Grade Spiderweb Turquoise Bolo Tie | Rs

Super Rare - $3,800.00

Super Rare Navajo Bolo Tie Sterling Silver Corral Turquois Lapis Sandcast Estate

Vintage Fransisco - $3,695.00

Vintage Fransisco Gomez Southwest Kachina Sterling Silver, Fine Massive Bolo Tie

Delbert Gordon, - $3,655.00

Delbert Gordon, Bolo, Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver, Leather, Navajo, 49 In

Vintage Morenci - $3,579.00

Vintage Morenci Turquoise Bolo Buckle Sterling Set Navajo Harold Mace C80s Rare

Magnificent Old - $3,500.00

Magnificent Old Hopi Hinged Bolo Tie 4 In Long, Inlay

15.5mm Natural - $3,500.00

15.5mm Natural South Sea Pearl 1.01ct Emerald Cut Diamonds Necklace Drop Bolo

Zuni Bolo - $3,500.00

Zuni Bolo Tie And Buckle Set By Robert And Bernice Leekya C.1960s-70s Oxblood Coral

Old Pawn - $3,475.00

Old Pawn Vintage Navajo Turquoise Huge Gomez Signed Sterling Kachina Bolo Tie

Women's Classic - $3,412.00

Women's Classic Diamond Adjustable Bolo Bracelet 14 K 14 Karat Yellow Gold New

Women's Classic - $3,400.00

Women's Classic Diamond Adjustable Bolo Bracelet 14 K 14 Karat Rose Gold New

Women's Classic - $3,400.00

Women's Classic Diamond Adjustable Bolo Bracelet 14 K 14 Karat Yellow Gold New

Ernest R - $3,355.00

Ernest R Begay, Stormy Mountain Turquoise Gem, Bolo Buckle Set

Vintage Turquoise - $3,300.00

Vintage Turquoise Sterling Silver Inlay Zuni Conestoga Wagon Buckle, Watch, Bolo

Calvin Martinez, - $3,290.00

Calvin Martinez, Bolo, Kingman Turquoise, Shadowbox, Sterling Silver, Navajo, 44

Vintage Gold - $3,250.00

Vintage Gold Zuni Inlaid Stone Bolo Tie Signed Bowie

Tanzanite And - $3,150.00

Tanzanite And Diamond Bolo Bracelet

Tanzanite And - $3,150.00

Tanzanite And Diamond Bolo Bracelet

Rc Gorman - $3,150.00

Rc Gorman Basket Woman Sterling Silver Set Concho Belt Bolo Ring Pin Charm

Huge Signed - $3,100.00

Huge Signed Toney Mitchell Sterling Bolo Red Branch Coral Leather 4 130 Gram

Navajozuni Artisans - $2,999.99

Navajozuni Artisans Jake And Irene Livingston Sterling And Coral Bolo Tie

Thomas Singer - $3,000.00

Thomas Singer Sterling Silver Turquoise Bolo Tie And Buckle Set

Thomas Singer - $2,999.99

Thomas Singer .925 Sterling Silver And Turquoise Navajo Large Bolo Tie

Sterling Silver - $2,998.00

Sterling Silver Rug Design Multi-gem Inlay Buckle Bolo Tie Set Navajo E Yazzie

Fine Coral, - $2,995.00

Fine Coral, Lapis And Sterling Silver Belt Buckle Bolo Set By Alvin Begay -navajo

Turquoise, Coral, - $2,995.00

Turquoise, Coral, Alaskan Gold Nugget 14k And Sterling Silver Bolo

❤️vintage❤️ Rare - $2,975.00

❤️vintage❤️ Rare Large Blue Gem Turquoise Huge Bolo Slide Tie Sterling Silver

Massive Vintage - $2,975.00

Massive Vintage Old Pawn Navajo Turquoise Kachina 3d Sterling Bolo Tie

Watson Honanie - $2,950.00

Watson Honanie Mediterrannean Coral 14k Gold Sterling Silver Palhikmana Bolo Tie

Joseph Coriz - $2,950.00

Joseph Coriz Medicine Wheel Overlay Bolo Tie

6300 .75ct - $2,950.00

6300 .75ct Round Brilliant Diamonds Dangling Bolo Tie Form Necklace 18kt Gvs

Leon Martinez, - $2,925.00

Leon Martinez, Bolo, Kingman Turquoise, Cluster, Sterling Silver, Navajo Made,48

10kt Yellow - $2,873.00

10kt Yellow Gold Womens Round Diamond Single Row Bolo Bracelet 2-14 Cttw

Arland Ben - $2,850.00

Arland Ben Bisbee Turquoise 14k Gold Over Sterling Silver Petroglyph Bolo Tie

Leonard Nez - $2,850.00

Leonard Nez Lone Mountain Spiderweb Turquoise 14kgold And Silver Bolo Tie And Buckle

14k Solid - $2,800.00

14k Solid Yellow Gold Blue Turquoise Native American Bolo Tie

Bola - $2,820.00

Bola Rare Fossil Dinosaur Gem Bone Sterling Spectacular Bolo Tie

Lagos Caviar - $2,799.00

Lagos Caviar 92518k Adjustable Diamond Bolo Necklace

Overlaid Sterling - $2,752.00

Overlaid Sterling Raised Turquoise And Black Onyx Bolo Tie By Billy Jaramillo

Mens Bolo - $2,750.00

Mens Bolo Turquoise Sterling Silver Dennis Edaakie Book Piece

Extraordinary Bolo - $2,722.50

Extraordinary Bolo Tie Boulder Opal Gold Nuggets 18 K Gold Custom Made

Darryl Dean - $2,700.00

Darryl Dean Begay Brannon Spiderweb Turquoise Petroglyph Bolo Tie

Huge Vintage - $2,675.00

Huge Vintage Old Pawn Navajo Turquoise Kachina 3d Sterling Bolo Tie

22kt Solid - $2,598.00

22kt Solid Gold Diamond Ruby Sumer Collection Drachma Byzantine Period Coin Bolo

Museum Quality - $2,500.00

Museum Quality Gem Grade Lone Mountain Turquoise Fred Thompson Bolo Tie

Mitchell Sockyma - $2,500.00

Mitchell Sockyma Hopi Bolo Tie

Diamonds Bolo - $2,500.00

Diamonds Bolo Necklace 14kt .90ct. Circle Pear Heart Statement

Vintage Signed - $2,500.00

Vintage Signed Ken Romero Sterling Silver Turquoise Coral Bolo Tie

Deer - $2,500.00

Deer Valley Limited Number Vintage Season Pass Sterling Silver Bolo Tie 1

Lg. Cheyenne - $2,500.00

Lg. Cheyenne Harris Modernist Bolo Tie Ster. 24kt.

Rare Original - $2,500.00

Rare Original John Winston Mop And Sterling Silver American Eagle Bolo Tie Signed

Huge Vintage - $2,495.99

Huge Vintage Hopi Preston Monongye Eagle Silver Bolo Tie-wow

Huge Native - $2,450.00

Huge Native American, Papago Sterling Bracelet, Buckle, Bolo Tie Storyteller Set

Michael Perry - $2,400.00

Michael Perry Candelaria Spiderweb Turquoise And Mediterranean Coral Bolo T

Michael Perry - $2,400.00

Michael Perry Lone Mountain Turquoise And Mediterranean Oxblood Coral Bolo Tie

Arland Ben, - $2,380.00

Arland Ben, Bolo, Petroglyph Warrior, 14k Gold, Silver, Navajo Handmade, 49 In

Terry Martinez, - $2,380.00

Terry Martinez, Bolo, Turquoise, Mediterranean Coral, Silver, Navajo Made, 44 In

Hank Whitethorne, - $2,380.00

Hank Whitethorne, Bolo, Eagle, Rabbit, Multi Stone Inlay, Silver, Navajo Made,46

Arland Ben, - $2,380.00

Arland Ben, Bolo, Ithaca Peak Turquoise, Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, Navajo, 47''

Large Vintage - $2,375.00

Large Vintage Old Pawn Navajo Turquoise Kachina Corn Maiden Sterling Bolo Tie

Huge Vintage - $2,375.00

Huge Vintage Apache Kings Manassa Turquoise Sterling Al Somers Bolo Tie

Old Pawn - $2,295.00

Old Pawn Alice Quam Zuni Solid 14k Gold And Sterling Silver Turquoise Bolo Tie | J

Navajo Vintage - $2,290.00

Navajo Vintage Collection Natural Damele Turquoise Bolo Tie - D Vandever C1980s

Vintage Signed - $2,264.95

Vintage Signed Bb Zuni Sterling Silver Gemstone Inlay Huge Snake Dancer Bolo Tie